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Mp3 Angelo Branduardi Scarica mp3 angelo branduardi

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When a friend of mine, very fan of Branduardi purchased it, he was very excited and he immediately put on the first of the three albums. I should have been present at one of the gigs when it was recorded. I hitch-hicked all the day from Tuscany to Rome to be in Villa Pamphili on time, but when I arrived the concert was canceled for heavy rain and I had to find a way to get back home When later that friends put the disc on, I didn't like it.

The instrumental intros to almost all the songs appeared just "tied on" to make them sound a bit more rock or pop. I gave up listening to it at all and I went back on it only years later when I rediscovered some interest in Branduardi. It happened after meeting him in an airport.

When later that friends put the disc on, I didn't like it. The instrumental intros to almost all the songs appeared just "tied on" to make them sound a bit more rock or pop. I gave up listening to it at all and I went back on it only years later when I rediscovered some interest in Branduardi.

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It happened after meeting him in an airport. About 30 years were passed since the last time I saw him in a concert, and his expression was still the same. There should be something "true" in that man A hint: the songs on this albums are sometimes different from the studio original versions.

Angelo Branduardi Albums

For comments specific to the tracks I remind you to the reviews of the studio albums. The songs have been recorded during the whole tour, anyway, so that some are translated into English.

The intro to "L'uomo e la Nuvola" is long and very different from the song. This is what I mean for "tied on".

It takes to minutes before it becomes barely recognizable. Not that it's bad, surely it's more prog than folk and I think I've been to harsh actually.


It's tied on but not so disconnected. A three minutes song here is about 12 minutes long 9 of intro. This is one of the reasons why this album is so long. Unfortunately Angelo was entering in the 80s when he attempted some failing experiments with country-blues, guesting Jorma Kaukkonen on one of his worst albums. This is how a song shouldn't be massacred.

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The people claps at the first notes and the arrangement includes some Bouzuki. Only the pan flute preserves the original ambient. Now the classic: "Alla Fiera Dell'Est". The most famous Branduardi's song, the one which made of him a pop star has some added instrumental parts. Those interludes are poorer than the original violin solo, or maybe I loved so much the orginal violin solo that I can't stand with this version.

After the claps comes a tarantella played by traditional instruments, then a repetitive violin starts an instrumental crescendo Maybe on stage it worked well but I really prefer the studio version.

I remember him playing a long violin solo a couple of year before, really better than this. This version is probably better than the studio one.

Angelo Branduardi - Il cammino dell'anima (Dall'opera originale di Hildegard Von Biden) (2019)

What comes after is Branduardi's masterpiece. As usual, he plays classical guitar and vocals alone with a second guitar in the back. The lyrics are a poetry of the Russian poet Esenin.

The one he wrote as farewell with his own blood before committing suicide. It's singular that after some Italian songs translated into English we have a traditional British translated into Italian. It looses all the emotional and dreamy flavor of the original.

Well played but I think the wrong arrangement for this song, and the first CD is gone. It's a good start for this second part f the concert which contains the songs which are most connected to the medieval music with an arrangement that's the most prog thing of the whole live.

He is married to Luisa Zappa, who wrote the lyrics for many of his songs. Luisa and Angelo have two daughters, Sarah and Maddalena, both musicians. Angelo's first album was never released, and resulted from a co-operation with Maurizio Fabrizio, composer and gifted performer.

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The first released album, Angelo Branduardi '74 was arranged with Paul Buckmaster. La Luna "The Moon" , including "Hooligan's Confessions" and the fine, delicate song giving the LP its name, is a prelude to the success of the following works.

In those albums Branduardi exploits themes and patterns from ancient music, mostly Renaissance and early Baroque. The very song Alla Fiera dell'Est "At the Eastern Fair" is still popular among Italians of every age, who test themselves to send in memory all the fable-like, repetition-based lyrics.

Lyrics have a broad spectrum of inspiration: a Danse macabre, the theme of Satan's mistress, Chinese, Native American and Druidic tradition, the apocryphal Gospels. Concertation owes much to the talents of Maurizio Fabrizio, and exploits unusual instruments for pop music: dulcimer, Pan flute, lute, clarinet, among others - mixed with more standard guitar-bass-and-drums.

Subsequent albums are mark by an increasing desire towards experimentation and differentiation. Branduardi has a more intimate tone, Cercando l'oro "Searching for Gold", , has very sophisticated and delicate arrangements starts with a String Quartet , Branduardi canta Yeats is a tribute to William Butler Yeats.

Pane e rose "Bread and Roses", is a still inspired, but increasingly dark picture of life and death.